Paramedic Services Overview

Paramedic Services provides pre-hospital care to the sick and injured at a primary care and advanced care level.

Our primary focus is to provide professional & medically proven health care to the communities that we serve.

Paramedic services are a vital part of emergency health care in Ontario. The delivery of land ambulance services is the responsibility of municipalities as one part of a much larger realignment of services between the province and municipalities. Paramedic Services costs are shared between municipalities and the province on a 50:50 basis in accordance with a funding template.

Paramedic Services is dedicated to the preservation of life, alleviation of suffering and promotion of health and wellness to the citizens and visitors in a caring compassionate and responsible manner.  Paramedic Services is a dedicated and caring team of highly qualified managers and front line paramedics working with up to date equipment and technology to provide their communities and surrounding areas with the best service possible.

NOSDA members collectively respond to over 82,000 Paramedic Service calls per year.