Mission, Vision and Values

The “missions” of NOSDA and its member organizations are:

“NOSDA coordinates the effective delivery of human services to the people of Northern Ontario with the support and collaboration of its member organizations. NOSDA champions healthy social development and accessible labour-market development in Northern Ontario communities.”


How does this happen?

NOSDA members plan and coordinate the delivery of public services and infrastructure programs across the North that result in measurable gains to the quality of life of Northerners through directly addressing or arranging for:

  • Providing financial and other supports to persons in financial crisis and/or having difficulty entering or re-entering the labour force;
  • Creating, maintaining and providing affordable and social housing;
  • Providing quality early learning and child care services to promote child development while enabling parents’ educational/skills upgrading and employment;
  • Delivering emergency medical services in times of medical crisis in areas that have undertaken to do so
  • Addressing homelessness through funding and delivering diverse emergency shelter and homelessness prevention services.


NOSDA's Vision


NOSDA will act as an authoritative voice to enhance the profile and success of human services programs, as they contribute to sustainable, economic development through accessible labour markets and healthy community social development in Northern Ontario communities.


NOSDA will accomplish this by:

  • Being recognized across Ontario and Canada as a leading proponent of integrated human services delivery and service-system managers.
  • Showing improved outcomes for people, supported by recognized measures of success, including measures of client satisfaction, sustainability and innovation
  • Anticipating new developments in the human services field and assemble the internal capacity to deal effectively with them
  • Being seen as an effective advocate, partner and coalition-builder and “authoritative voice” for labour market, social and fiscal interests of all Northern Ontario communities, including rural and remote municipalities, urban Aboriginals, and ‘municipally unorganized’ communities
  • Being seen as a willing host for additional or expanded – but sustainable human services programs.
  • Innovating in the planning and delivery of sustainable human services


NOSDA's Values


A Statement of Our Core Values:

  • NOSDA will aid its member organizations and its local municipalities by demonstrating creativity, responsiveness, and efficiency in the planning, design and delivery of human services and is willing to explore innovative and evidenced- based ways to achieve results
  • NOSDA will help its stakeholders to be respectful and enabling in their relations with our clients and to be accountable to taxpayers, as well as being model employers and good ‘corporate citizens’
  • NOSDA will work to earn the reputation among government agencies and other organizations, as a good partner and an authoritative voice, focused on Northern clients and communities