Housing Services Overview

A person’s quality of life is highly improved when they have safe and affordable housing.

Whether a person requires a place to call home or requires financial assistance to remain in their current rental accommodation, we have programs that may suit your needs. This is a key determinant of an individual’s overall health.

The goals of Housing Services are:

  • To increase the current supply of housing options across the North.
  • To meet the needs of a household, housing must not only be affordable, it must be attainable.  Attainable housing must be adequate in condition, appropriate in size, affordable, accessible to services, and available.

10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plans

Each of the 11 NOSDA members have developed a 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan that outlines the priorities for their service area to ensure the provision of optimal service while meeting our program responsibilities as identified through the Housing Services Act. The10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plans were developed through extensive community consultations with a broad range of stakeholders representing the interests of people who are at different stages along the housing continuum. The recommendations in this report are also supported by detailed data analysis of the key factors that impact the supply and demand for housing.

The Housing and Homelessness Plan is a living document that is reviewed annually and updated according to the needs of the community.

NOSDA members operate about 12,000 social housing units representing over a billion dollars in housing assets.